What time does the event open? 

The Ballarat Regional Lifestyle Expo opens at 9.00AM on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2022.

Is the Expo accessible for wheelchairs? 

Yes, the event is held at the Ballarat Showgrounds which is accessible for wheelchairs. 

Please note some areas are grassed and access via wheelchair may be dependant on ground conditions due to weather impacts.

Is there any entertainment? 

Yes, further details on entertainment will be provided closer to the event. 

Will there be food and drink available?

Yes, there will be food and drink vendors at the event. 

Is the event ticketed? 

The event is ticketed. Visit ‘Ticket Information’ for further details.  

What happens if it rains?

The event will proceed if it rains. There are areas of the event that are held in pavilions which provide shelter from the weather. We suggest you pack a coat and umbrella if weather forecasts predict rain.

What happens if there is a directive for the event to be cancelled due to COVID-19?

We will communicate through our website and social media channels any changes that are made to the event should a COVID-19 directive be given surrounding the event.  

Can I bring my dog? 

No, you cannot bring your dog to the event.